Engineous Launches New High-Tech Engine Treatment

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Engineous USA recently launched a new high-tech engine treatment to reduce friction, heat, water, corrosion, rust and chemical attacks on treated metal surfaces.

Environmentally safe and "green," GO-15-HF does not contain Teflon, fluorocarbons, lead, silicone, halogen or molybdenum. It is compatible with all petroleum and synthetic oils, greases and hydraulic fluids. Depending on the conditions, the engine treatment can increase gas mileage by up to 15 percent.

"GO-15-HF ushers in a new era of clean, green and highly effective engine treatment," said Jim Novorr, president of Engineous. "GO-15-HF was engineered from the beginning to be both safe to the environment and, of course, to our clients. Our treatment not only reduces gas-wasting and engine-damaging friction, it also protects our environment. As part of this launch, for a limited time, we are including 100-percent free shipping as well."

In addition to reducing costs at the pump, GO-15-HF is also designed to give new life to older vehicles by creating a chemical condition known as boundary lubrication, which improves operating efficiencies of internal combustion engines, be they automobile, motorcycle or any other engine. This chemical condition helps protect the internal hardware of older engines and preserves them for better performance in the years to come.

For more information, visit www.GO15.com.

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