Phillips 66 Unveils New Gear Lubricant

Phillips 66 Lubricants recently introduced a new high-performance, semi-synthetic gear lubricant to meet the demands of heavily loaded, slow-moving gears and bearings.

Featuring extreme-pressure protection and resistance to water washout, Triton OG SS offers adhesion to metal surfaces, has a high film strength and reduces the tendency for lubricant "squeeze-out."

The new lubricant is formulated with a combination of synthetic base stocks, high-viscosity mineral oils and extreme-pressure additives to minimize wear in large roller and thrust bearings as well as to protect heavily loaded, low-speed gears under boundary lubrication condition. The use of synthetic base stocks produces a lubricant with high viscosity index that allows for good pumpability at lower temperatures while maintaining film thickness at higher temperatures.

"We developed Triton OG SS as a cost-effective crusher lubricant recommended for use in open and semi-enclosed gear drives in rotary kilns and mills found in the cement, limestone and gypsum operations," said Eric Lancaster, director of industrial products at Phillips 66 Lubricants.

The amber-colored, solvent-free formulation is free of heavy metals, bitumen and solid additives. It is suitable for use in existing lubricant spray systems, allowing for easy conversion from lubricants containing bitumen. In addition, Triton OG SS meets the ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 specification.

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