Quaker Chemical Acquires Verkol

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Quaker Chemical Corp. recently announced that it has acquired Verkol, a leading specialty grease and lubricants manufacturer based in northern Spain. The transaction is part of Quaker's strategy to expand into the specialty grease market.

Quaker's current product lines include coolants, rolling oils, cleaners, corrosion preventives, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and specialty greases. The addition of Verkol's specialty grease technology and continuous casting products will allow Quaker to increase its offerings.

"Verkol is a market leader in specialty grease and lubricants for the Spanish market with world-class grease manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art R&D facilities," said Wilbert Platzer, vice president and managing director of Quaker EMEA. "By adding local grease manufacturing in Europe as well as additional grease product technology and additional talent, we can expand our current specialty grease offering to customers."

Established in 1923, Verkol has operated in its current location since 1972, where the company's headquarters, production and research and development are based. In 2014, the company recorded revenues of approximately $33 million.

"We are excited about the prospect of offering Verkol's complementary product line to our customers in EMEA, as well as offering our own broad product portfolio – especially our hot rolling oils and hydraulic fluids – to Verkol's customers," added Dirk Wouters, commercial director for Quaker EMEA.

For more information, visit www.quakerchem.com.

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