Graco Introduces New Automatic Lubrication Pump

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Graco Inc. recently introduced a new addition to its LubePro family of injector-based automatic lubrication pumps.

The H1900 LubePro pump is designed to improve the productivity of plant maintenance staff by allowing remote filling, which eliminates the need to individually fill pump oil reservoirs around the plant.

Commonly used to lubricate machines in stamping, can production, glass production, machine tool, tire production and automation machinery, the H1900 LubePro pump is built from the same quality components as the A1900 pump, but instead of a refillable reservoir, it connects to a permanent oil header line and filled from a remote mounted lubrication fill station.

Available with a factory-installed low-level detection system, the pump delivers greater lube output than many competitive models, which allows the system to lubricate more points and cycle more frequently.

"The new H1900 is a great new extension to our LubePro family of pumps," said Chuck Hartl, global product marketing manager for Graco's lubrication equipment division. "It's easy to install, provides high lube output and really improves the productivity of plant maintenance staff."

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Graco Inc. supplies technology and expertise for the management of fluids and coatings in both industrial and commercial applications.

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