Castrol Introduces New Technology for Faster Oil Changes

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Castrol recently introduced new technology intended to make oil changes quicker, smarter and simpler.

The Nexcel oil cell is an easy-to-change unit containing both engine oil and filter. It is designed to reduce tailpipe carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by ensuring a precise oil-engine match and helping the oil to warm up more quickly.

The plug-and-play oil cell slots in and out under the bonnet, allowing the oil and filter to be changed in one quick, clean step that takes only about 90 seconds. The sealed oil cell also ensures that used oil is collected safely and can be recycled back into high-quality engine oil products.

The Nexcel system has been tested on a range of engines from small city cars to high-powered racing engines in the most extreme conditions. The Aston Martin Vulcan track-only supercar will be the first vehicle featuring Nexcel technology.

"We believe this is the biggest leap forward in oil change technology in the history of the combustion engine," said Paul Waterman, Castrol CEO. "It's the result of almost three years' work, but as soon as people see the benefits in emissions and servicing as well as the substantial environmental benefits, they wonder why it hasn't been done before."

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