ExxonMobil Introduces New Compressor Lubricant

Noria news wires

ExxonMobil recently introduced a new fully synthetic air compressor lubricant designed for severe-duty rotary screw and vane air compressors.

Mobil SHC Rarus, which was unveiled in Europe, Africa and the Middle East earlier in 2015, will now be available to customers in the North American and Central/South American markets.

The product is backed by a long-life limited warranty and promises several benefits over competing compressor oils, including extended oil drain intervals of two to three times longer than competing oils, enhanced equipment reliability due to improved cleanliness as well as excellent high and low temperature performance, and long equipment life due to minimized wear.

"Air compressors are core to many industrial operations today, and companies are seeking solutions that help optimize the performance of this equipment and ensure peace of mind," said Kurt Ilgenfritz, ExxonMobil's industrial marketing manager. "With Mobil SHC Rarus, these companies can leverage a next-generation oil that provides them with the convenience and peace of mind they want. In fact, we back our product with a long-life limited warranty that protects customers for three times their current ODI, up to 24,000 hours."

For more information, visit www.mobilindustrial.com.

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