Valvoline Launches Fuel System Service

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Valvoline recently launched a new fuel system service for treating and restoring gasoline direct-injection (GDI) engines. The service is designed to remove carbon deposits from intake valves, piston tops, cylinder heads and fuel injectors in just over one hour using basic tools, a simple canister apparatus and shop air.

"This marks a major breakthrough in how GDI fuel systems can be treated and restored by technicians of varied skill and experience levels," said Laura Carpenter, vice president of marketing for Installer Channels. "It is a sensible investment for both installers and consumers, providing a win-win situation in vehicle service."

The service features an intake cleaner, fuel rail cleaner and a complete fuel system treatment. The unique technology allows 10 detergents to melt away carbon deposits and circulate to the toughest places to clean in a GDI fuel system without painstaking labor or an intensive dismantle of the engine and fuel system. The results include improved injector flow, fuel economy and power, as well as the elimination of rough idling, hesitation and knocking.

"The new fuel system service has been extensively tested and validated by third parties, and proven on a wide variety of current market vehicles," said Dr. David E. Turcotte, Valvoline technical director. "Tests have shown a consistent removal of 30-50 percent of deposits, and in many cases engine components are restored back to bare metal."

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