Whitmore Unveils New Filtration Units

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Whitmore recently announced a new line of OilSafe Filtration Units to increase the lifespan of industrial fluids and equipment.

The advanced filtration units are designed to maintain oil purity from storage to application and promote workplace safety with redundant spill containment.  

"In the past, changing filter cartridges on a unit has been a messy task, with oil leaking on the floor causing a safety hazard," said Steve Anderson, director of innovation at Whitmore. "Our units have removable spill containment vessels which allow operators to easily dispose of waste oil after using the unit."

In addition to filtering contaminants from industrial oils that extend their service life, the units also can eliminate the potential for cross-contamination by using color-coded, error-proof connectors.

"Fluid filtration units have been around for some time, but the OilSafe difference is in how we’ve enhanced the product with a robust new design that holds up in demanding industrial environments and added innovative features that solve the problems our customers are experiencing with comparable products in the market," said Douglas Reid, vice president of product development.

The filtration units are available in both stationary and portable configurations and fit with the OilSafe line of color-coded lubrication management systems.

For more information, visit www.whitmores.com.

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