Castrol Introduces New Cutting Fluids

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Castrol recently announced the launch of two new cutting fluids to support the manufacturing of metal components. Hysol SL 35 XBB and Alusol SL 51 XBB are formulated to maintain pH at a constant level and are resistant to bacterial growth and acid attack.

For use with ferrous alloys, Hysol SL 35 XBB neutralizes up to 24 percent more acidic material than standard cutting fluids and reduces overall fluid top-up volumes by up to 45 percent.

Alusol SL 51 XBB is designed to improve precision performance in aluminum machining. It can neutralize up to 33 percent more acidic material than standard aluminum cutting fluids and reduces overall fluid top-up volumes by up to 30 percent while ensuring maximum cutting precision.

Neither of the fluids relies on the use of boron or formaldehyde releasing agents or additional biocide and fungicide additive packs. The lubricating properties help prevent swarf buildup, assuring high-quality surface finish and low scrappage rates. Even at low concentrations, the cutting fluids can help to maintain machining performance and protect against corrosion and staining.

"By having greater control of the pH, the reliance upon short-lived biocides to control bacteria is significantly reduced or eliminated," said Dr. Rudi Janner, Castrol global product manager. "This ultimately translates into significant improvements for controlling manufacturing costs, increasing productivity, protecting the quality of end products and meeting HSSE (health, safety, security and environmental) requirements."

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