Schroeder Introduces New Filter Carts

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Schroeder Industries recently introduced its new Mobile Filtration Device (MFD) filter carts with Hy-Trax fluid sampling systems.

The Hy-Trax option includes a TestMate Contamination Monitor (TCM) particle counter to enable users to see a fluid's ISO codes while the cart is in operation and know when the desired ISO cleanliness levels have been achieved. The TCM particle counter has its own dedicated sampling pump to provide the required pressures for accurate particle counts.

Schroeder also offers the Hy-Trax option as a complete kit with all necessary components, fittings and mounts. The system can be installed on existing carts in less than two hours.

In addition, the company also released a redesigned, tank-mounted, low-pressure filter. The 100 psi ZT features an aluminum head with a plastic bowl and plastic cap to minimize weight. The new ZT retains the same mounting pattern as the previous design, allowing it to serve as a drop-in replacement for existing applications.

The low-pressure filter is equipped with an optional PAB1 breather and dipstick. The threaded outlet option is now standard to reduce costs. As a quality protection measure, the filter is also available with new GeoSeal elements.

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