Cortec Introduces New EP Grease

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Cortec recently introduced a new lithium-complex grease for lubricating bearings, fans, chassis or other metal areas.

CorrLube VpCI Lithium EP Grease is formulated with severely hydro-treated base stock and includes corrosion-inhibiting properties to protect against salt water, brine, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen chloride and other corrosive agents.

Along with resistance to oxidation, the grease provides high-temperature stability and incorporates vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCI) for areas not in direct contact with the lubricant. It is suitable for both operating and lay-up conditions.

The grease is designed to lubricate for longer periods of time and increase the effectiveness of seals to keep out contaminants. It also offers cleaner application with decreased dripping and spattering.

Ideal for equipment that operates intermittently, the lubricant can remain effective in extreme operating conditions (i.e., high temperatures, high pressures, low speeds and shock loading) and aid in the suspension of solid additives such as graphite, molybdenum, disulfide, etc. Its thicker film consistency allows it to operate on worn parts, provide surface protection against movement and reduce noise levels.

Specific applications include lubricating sleeves, ball and roller bearings, vehicle/equipment chassis, fans, bushings, pulley bearings, sliding high-friction areas and generator end bearings.

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