ELM Introduces New Drill Rod Grease

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Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing (ELM) recently introduced a new bio-based grease to meet the demanding environmental requirements of the drilling and mining industry.

The drill rod grease features improved water washout properties and is made almost entirely of renewable bio-based materials with no heavy metals.

The new grease is the result of stricter environmental regulations in mining applications, which have created a demand for bio-based and non-bioaccumulative grease and lubricant products in recent years.

"This product is a modification of our existing technology but came about due to the increased inquiry from users that are seeking biodegradable products," said Dr. Lou Honary, president of ELM.

ELM’s bio-based drill rod greases are aluminum-complex lubricants that incorporate environmentally safe additives to increase their mass density. The greases are particularly effective in and around high water flow with a balance of adhesiveness and cohesiveness.

Using a microwave-based grease manufacturing process, the bio-based lubricants are formulated to meet or exceed the performance of conventional greases and at nearly the same price.

A privately owned Inc. 500 company formed in 2000, ELM is a leading U.S. manufacturer of bio-based lubricants and greases.

For more information, visit www.elmusa.com

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