RSC Bio Solutions Unveils Bio-based Lubricants

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RSC Bio Solutions recently launched a new line of bio-based lubricants to improve performance, increase uptime and enhance system longevity.

Derived from a plant-based material, Futerra is an environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) designed to meet the most stringent global environmental regulations. It offers performance in both wet and dry environments, and can withstand extreme conditions, including contact with water in high pressures and extreme temperatures.

As an EAL from a renewable hydrocarbon resource, it can be a drop-in replacement for mineral oil- or petroleum-based lubricants.

In addition to providing system and seal compatibility, Futerra is miscible with legacy fluids, so it does not disrupt operations schedules. The lubricant's durability also allows operators to increase the time interval between change-outs for greater system efficiency and extended equipment life.  

"Futerra is the clear choice for risk mitigation in sensitive areas without sacrificing performance, quality or cost-effectiveness," said Mike Guggenheimer, president and CEO of RSC Bio Solutions. "We believe that forward-looking and operationally efficient ship management teams will be keenly interested in this new technology as they anticipate future trends."

An Ecolabel-certified product, Futerra is suitable for use anywhere in the world and comes with a 10-year performance guarantee.

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