Klüber Introduces Food-grade Lubricant

Noria news wires

Klüber Lubrication recently introduced a new food-grade lubricant to provide advanced protection for oven chains at extreme temperatures while supporting food safety.

Klüberfood NH1 CH 6-120 Supreme is formulated to offer high-temperature performance, good wetting properties and excellent penetration with high dispersion stability, as well as an NSF H1 registration. It is ideal for ovens used to produce tortillas, pita bread, pizza dough and other baked goods where the conveyor chain is exposed to extreme temperatures up to 1,200 degrees F (650 degrees C).

Beyond its NSF H1 registration, the lubricant's ISO 21469 certification confirms that it has been manufactured and packaged using fully hygienic standards.

"Klüberfood NH1 CH 6-120 Supreme contains NSF-registered white solid lubricants," explains Toby Porter, food market manager at Klüber Lubrication. "The solid lubricant protects chains even at extreme temperatures. Other lubricants, even high-performance options, can still begin to evaporate at 500 to 600 degrees F (260-315 degrees C). With our solid lubricant formulation, the solid particles become impregnated into the chain, which can substantially extend lubrication intervals. The lubricant is also NSF H1 registered for incidental contact, providing a food-grade solution to the challenge of using chain lubricants at extreme temperatures."

For more information, visit www.klubersolutions.com.

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