V4L Unveils New Onsite Wear Debris Analysis System

Noria news wires

V4L recently introduced a new wear debris analysis system that allows fluid and particulate condition monitoring of in-service lubricants in harsh industrial environments.

The V4L-4-Site incorporates rugged hardware and user-friendly software developed specifically for onsite use. The unique filter patch analysis technology enables testing of petroleum-based and synthetic fluids, including water-glycol mixtures.

V4L's Macro-2-Micro technology is embedded in the system to provide a range of on-screen magnifications as well as high-quality images of both macroscopic and microscopic particles. The technology is suitable for use in a wide variety of industries, including offshore oil and gas, mining, aerospace, transport and power generation.

ISO 4407 and SAE ARP598 compliant, the unit offers instantly verifiable fluid cleanliness checking and reporting with particle sizing and counting down to 4 microns.

The V4L-4-Site can be employed for dirty fluid samples such as diesel engine oil and for the analysis of debris particles retrieved from filters and magnetic plugs. It is also ideal for establishing the stringent cleanliness levels demanded in hydraulic fluid testing and umbilical flushing.  

No setup or calibration is required, so the system can be put into use straight from its customized storm case.

For more information, visit www.v4l-group.co.uk.

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