Shell Wins Supply Chain Award

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Shell Lubricants recently won the Supply Chain Excellence 2016 awards in the manufacturing and supply chain operations categories. The winning entry was for Shell's use of data analytics to make value-maximizing supply chain decisions as part of an integrated business value (IBV) program. The same entry was also a semi-finalist in the SCM World Power of the Profession 2017 awards in the supply chain breakthrough category.

In 2013, Shell Lubricants evolved its sales and operations planning approach to an integrated business value approach in its supply chain with the use of advanced analytics tools. This was done to enable the organization to focus on commercial business value and integrated decision-making across all levels and functions of the business.

"This is a proud moment for the Shell Lubricants supply chain organization, as we have been working hard to improve our competitiveness by unlocking value through digital innovations like data analytics and advanced planning tools," said Dennis Cheong, Shell vice president. "We all make decisions in supply chain every day, but not all of these decisions make efficient use of resources and create value. IBV has been instrumental in helping us improve business returns."

IBV has enabled Shell Lubricants to move toward interactive metrics to provide insights on the value chain, simulate the outcomes of decisions and identify improvement opportunities that impact margins and business returns overall. The results can be seen not only in demand forecast accuracy, reduced levels of excess inventory and dead stock but also in the health of the overall product portfolio and performance.

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