Klüber Unveils High-temperature Oils, Noise-reducing Lubricant

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Klüber recently introduced two new oils for the lubrication of continuous presses in the wood-based panel industry.

Klübertherm CH 2-100 is a fully synthetic high-temperature oil that features the latest additive technology to improve performance and cleanliness. The lubricant is compatible with nonferrous metals, making it a good choice for the lubrication of chains, pins and bending rods on complex equipment such as continuous presses.

Klübertherm CH 2-260 is a thermally stable lubricant that is based on ester oil for the lubrication of chains, steel belts and chain carpets on continuous presses. The oil also has optimized friction coefficients to increase energy efficiency.

Klübertherm CH 2-100 and Klübertherm 2-260 work to regenerate and dissolve pasty oil residues to reduce maintenance and downtime. Additionally, both lubricants require less upkeep and cleaning due to reduced fume formation, oil vapors and deposits.

Klüber also recently introduced a perfluoropolyether-based surface finishing gel for the automotive industry. Klüberalfa RM 93-101 helps prevent the generation of unpleasant noises like creaking and squeaking in moving polymer components. The lubricant is compatible with a wide range of plastics and elastomers, and is transparent when applied in thin layers so as not to disrupt the aesthetics of the part to which it is adhered, such as a door seal, dashboard or other visible interior mechanisms.

For more information, visit www.klubersolutions.com.

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