SKF Introduces Automatic Lubricator

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SKF recently introduced a new automatic lubricator that is intended to provide reliable relubrication of multiple lube points in industrial applications as well as agricultural and off-road vehicles.

Designed to supply from one to 18 lubrication points, the TLMP is packaged as a complete kit including a lubricator, required tubing and connectors.

The lubricator features pluggable outlets and is easy to install and program via its keypad with an LED display. The cycle control sensor ensures lubricant is delivered to the outlets, while the filter helps to avoid grease contamination from airborne particles.

The lubricator's vibration-resistant design can withstand equipment washdowns and prevent contamination ingress. The unit also enables machine steering to temporarily disable lubrication by removing power.

With a reservoir capacity of nearly one liter, the lubricator includes a stirring paddle to prevent grease separation. The TLMP also incorporates low-level and malfunction alarms, both of which offer remote notification. The alarms indicate when the reservoir is empty or when an outlet is blocked.

Available in several versions with different voltages, the TLMP provides a maximum operating pressure of 1,740 psi (120 bar) and can be utilized in temperatures ranging from minus 10 to 158 degrees F (minus 25 to 70 degrees C).

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