Spectro Scientific Unveils Oil Analyzers

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Spectro Scientific recently introduced a new version of its SpectrOil series analyzers for the elemental analysis of oil, fuel, coolant and water.

The SpectrOil 100 and M series utilize the rotating disc electrode (RDE) technique for determining elemental composition in critical operating fluids. The analyzers are designed to provide stability improvements and an enhanced user experience, while new signal processing methods improve short- and long-term stability.

A fully integrated standardization procedure facilitates calibration and standardization, resulting in easier, faster operation. The background measurement method offers lower limits of detection in field applications and includes temperature and background measurement corrections that eliminate re-standardization.

SpectrOil technology measures trace quantities of elements dissolved or suspended as fine particles in natural or synthetic petroleum-based products. SpectrOil Version 8 refines the user experience with better tools for remote support. The integrated standardization combines profile, disc offset and standardization procedures into a simple, one-button operation.

The performance improvement in Version 8 enabled a new spectrometer for fuel analysis, the SpectrOil M/F-LD. The M/F-LD analyzer extends the limits of detection for alkaline metals such as lithium, sodium, potassium and vanadium to below 100 parts per billion.

"Precision and ease of use are key factors in fast, reliable analysis processes," said Brian Mitchell, Spectro president and CEO. "SpectrOil Version 8 represents another way for our customers to maximize their efficiency and competitiveness."

For more information, visit www.spectrosci.com.

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