Klüber Unveils New Actuator Lubricants

Noria news wires

Klüber Lubrication recently introduced a new series of specialty lubricants for actuators in automotive components.

Klübersynth BR 46-32 F is a low-viscous grease that offers low-temperature behavior at minus 45 degrees C as well as low-friction torque for increased energy efficiency. The low viscosity base oil is intended to ensure smooth running at low temperatures, while its oxidation stability allows safe operation at high temperatures. Used for lifetime lubrication, the grease contains select additives and solid lubricants for wear protection under sliding conditions. It also is compatible with ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) elastomers.

Klübersynth BR 46-82 is formulated to perform in a wide operating temperature range, such as for electromechanical brakes and parking brakes. The grease also provides wear protection for ball screws and other power transmission elements at high temperatures up to 180 degrees C and at low temperatures to minus 40 degrees C. Its base oil is compatible with standard brake fluids and EPDM seals.

"Our partners in the North American automotive industry are using Klübersynth BR 46-32 F and Klübersynth BR 46-82 in the design of their innovative electromechanical braking systems, which help exceed their lifetime durability requirements," explains Mike Norton, Klüber's business development manager for chassis applications. "The grease not only supports the operation of braking systems at both ends of the temperature spectrum but also protects against false brinelling and wear while maintaining compatibility with brake fluid and EPDM elastomers."

For more information, visit www.klubersolutions.com.

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