ASTM Certifies Method for Direct Kinematic Viscosity Measurement

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ASTM International recently certified a new standard test method of directly measuring the kinematic viscosity of in-service lubricants.

ASTM D8092, "Standard Test Method for Field Determination of Kinematic Viscosity Using a Microchannel Viscometer," applies exclusively to the MiniVisc 3000 viscometers from Spectro Scientific.

The portable viscometers use a patented cell design that enables direct measurement of kinematic viscosity at a regulated temperature (40 degrees C), using only a few drops of oil. No solvents are required, and cleaning of the viscometer involves simply wiping the cell surfaces with a nonabrasive cleaning pad. The battery-operated units have found wide use where it is impractical to use a laboratory device, including shipboard, rail yard and fleet vehicle applications.

The MiniVisc 3000 viscometers can provide accuracy and repeatability of plus or minus 3 percent on viscosity standards certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), enabling immediate detection of viscosity variations caused by contamination, fluid mix-ups and oil degradation.

"ASTM standard approval is a powerful milestone for the MiniVisc, as ASTM International is the worldwide benchmark for viscometry," said Dr. Patrick Henning, Spectro Scientific chief technology officer. "The MiniVisc addresses the unmet need of direct kinematic viscosity determination at regulated temperature in the field. It is gratifying that our customers now have this convenient, portable tool along with the surety of an ASTM standardized result."

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