Champion Launches Racing Motor Oil

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Champion Brands recently introduced a new semi-synthetic motor oil specifically formulated for dragsters, sprint cars, midgets, late models, stock cars and pulling vehicles.

The 10W-40 motor oil is designed to provide more horsepower and torque than other racing oils while still protecting flat tappet cams, roller cams and bearings in turbo and supercharged racing engines. The new motor oil also offers viscosity stability of thicker monogrades at higher temperatures with less drag.

The premium zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) anti-wear protection package contains a unique balance of chemistry, including high levels of zinc and phosphorus. In addition, the semi-synthetic formula can significantly reduce operating temperature and deliver a lower coefficient of friction than conventional or synthetic blend motor oils.

Like all Champion Racing motor oils, the new 10W-40 motor oil also contains the company’s Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer (TVS) technology, which offers excellent film strength at high temperatures and a better piston ring seal for maximum compression.

Compatible with all racing fuels, including methanol, as well as other petroleum and synthetic oils, the 10W-40 motor oil also provides upper cylinder anti-wear protection.

The new racing motor oil is expected to start shipping in September.

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