Fluitec Launches New Turbine Oil

Noria news wires

Fluitec International recently released a new turbine oil as part of its Infinity Fluids product line. Infinity TO is intended to eliminate the need for varnish mitigation technology during the life of the turbine oil.

The proprietary additive system was designed not only to capture but also neutralize degradation products so they never have a chance to form deposits. Infinity TO also comes with a 10‐year deposit-control warranty that guarantees the turbine oil for years after integration.

The oil's performance characteristics were determined from the results of Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC), Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine (RULER), Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (RPVOT), viscosity, acid number, demulsibility, foam and metals tests. After 18 weeks of rigorous testing, Infinity TO showed virtually no varnish by‐products.  

"In effect, Infinity TO is the last turbine oil our customers will ever need," said Pierre Vanderkelen, Fluitec CEO. "As the latest piece of our Fill‐for‐Life system, it's not only the environmentally friendly solution, but it's the cost‐effective solution as well. Our goal for this product is to change the way the industry views oil. What if everyone viewed oil as a true asset rather than just another expense? That perspective shift would really, honestly, change the world."

For more information, visit www.fluitec.com.

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