Spectro Scientific Releases Oil Analysis Software, Companion Kits

Noria news wires

Spectro Scientific recently announced the release of its MicroLab Version 11 software along with the introduction of new MicroLab companion kits.

The MicroLab automated analyzer series is designed to provide complete oil analysis testing, including chemistry, kinematic viscosity and concentration of up to 20 wear, additive and contamination elements, in addition to an optional particle counter.

The Version 11 software offers new signal processing methods and features for additional capabilities and flexibility. The upgraded user interface allows input of external data to produce consolidated fluid analysis reports with several parameters for oil and equipment condition not previously available in the MicroLab test suite.

The MicroLab series also now includes the MicroLab 31, MicroLab 42 and MicroLab 43 companion kits. These kits combine Spectro's FDM 6001 fuel dilution meter, FerroCheck 2000 ferrous wear analyzer and CoolCheck 2 coolant analyzer with the MicroLab 30 and 40 analyzers for a complete fluid analysis testing package.

"This next phase of the MicroLab development reinforces Spectro's commitment to bring the best of our technologies and expertise to our customers for onsite oil analysis," said Brian Mitchell, Spectro president and CEO. "Our fleet customers will benefit from enhanced performance and capability for better decision-making within their maintenance programs."

For more information, visit www.spectrosci.com.

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