Stanhope-Seta Unveils New Lube Particle Counter

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Stanhope-Seta recently introduced a new particle counter for testing oils with a viscosity of up to 200 square millimeters per second (mm2/s).

The AvCount Lube particle counter comprises two modules: the Sample Delivery System (SDS) and the Particle Counter Module (PCM). The PCM can be used independently as a portable instrument for testing light lubricants and oils with a viscosity up to 64 mm2/s. It can save up to 600 measurements and has three embedded test methods: ASTM D7647, ISO 60970 and ISO 4406.

With a simple test procedure, 3-minute test time and user-friendly features, the particle counter requires minimal operator skill or expertise. Test progress and results for up to six size bands are displayed as cumulative particles per milliliter and ISO 4406, NAS 1638 and AS4059 cleanliness codes.

Ideal for handling lubricating and hydraulic oils, the instrument is fitted with perfluoro-elastomer (FFKM) seals for resistance to synthetic oils. Operation is via a single turn and push control with a high visibility display. Higher viscosity, darker or more opaque oils can be tested using dilution techniques.

When connected to a personal computer, the particle counter can be operated via the supplied analysis software, which allows the user to control the instrument, create and edit test methods, and analyze and save test results.

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