PolySi Launches New Line of Metalworking Fluids

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PolySi Technologies recently expanded into the metalworking fluid market with its G-MAN brand of customizable fluids.

The new metalworking fluid line includes synthetics, semi-synthetics, oils and cleaners, and can be customized for specific applications.

The line features a unique blend of extreme-pressure, anti-wear and corrosion inhibitor additives, which are used in applications such as metal removal or metal forming to produce a better surface finish and transfer heat away from tools and workpieces.

The fluids are formulated to eliminate bacterial growth, resulting in decreased odor and improved worker safety. They are also DCHA free and can be blended without boron compounds or chlorinated paraffins.

"Our customers need metalworking fluids that reduce cost, decrease foam, enhance environmental safety and will be accepted by their operators," said Ann Leuth, chief executive officer of PolySi Technologies. "Process speeds increase when an operator doesn't need to add defoamer. G-MAN low-foam metalworking fluids increase process speeds, reduce sump times and provide longer tool life."

Headquartered in Sanford, North Carolina, PolySi Technologies serves a broad range of markets including the automotive, electrical, electronic, utility, plumbing, heavy equipment, medical, marine, energy, food equipment and metalworking fluid industries.

For more information, visit www.polysi.com.

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