SKF Introduces New Grease Reservoir Filling Filter

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SKF recently introduced a grease reservoir filling filter for automatic lubrication systems. The new Lincoln filter is designed to minimize contaminants entering lubrication systems during the filling process of smaller-sized reservoirs.

Installed as an inline component in the reservoir’s fill line, the filter is intended to ensure clean grease in both the reservoir and the system. As grease enters through the inlet, it passes through the filter and then exits into a hose that is connected to the grease reservoir’s fill port.

As the filter element becomes clogged, the unit’s clogged-indicator pin starts to retract, signaling that filter element cleaning is required. If the clogged filter element is not cleaned, grease will vent safely to a catch container but will not bypass to the reservoir.

The new filter features an operating pressure of 5,000 psi (344 bar) and a fill rate of up to 2 gallons per minute (8 liters per minute), depending on the application, grease type and ambient temperature.

Available with either a 250- or 500-micron filter element, the filling filter is suitable for off-road construction, small mining equipment, general industry, wind energy, over-the-road trucking, construction and agricultural applications. The filter’s compact size also makes remote mounting from the reservoir possible.

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