Industrial Innovations Launches New Lube System

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Industrial Innovations recently launched a new lube system for applying highly viscous lubricants to stamping or drawing tooling at pre-determined press stroke intervals.

The Spra-Rite Ultra Lube System incorporates a unique pedestal design to allow for easy transport from press to press, making it ideal for smaller shops that process high-strength and advanced materials.

The turnkey system can atomize lubricant into an ultra-fine spray at the nozzles, which are air-controlled and capable of fine flow adjustments. This enables users to apply a range of lubricant from very minimal amounts to maximum flow. The process control module offers numeric programming for up to 10 injector valves and the ability to store 200 part recipes.

As with all Spra-Rite systems, each injector is independently controlled, allowing for precise control of lubricant placement and volume as it is applied to the workpiece or tooling. The controller also enables users to independently skip press cycles for pre-programmed stroke counts.

The Ultra Lube system comes complete with an injector manifold, beta controls, nozzles, tubing and a 5-gallon stainless-steel reservoir with a liquid regulator, air relief valve and strainer. 

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