Chemtool Introduces New Metalworking Fluid

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Chemtool recently introduced its newest high-performance metalworking fluid. Lubricut 5458 is a chlorine-free, semi-synthetic-based fluid intended for precision applications of both ferrous and aluminum alloys.

Formulated with the latest chemical innovations for lubricity, wetting and corrosion prevention, the fluid features a unique emulsifier and detergency package to avoid bacterial problems and hard-water soap formation. It incorporates a synthetic surface lubricant technology to offer comparable performance to traditional soluble oils containing chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus.

Enhanced with specialized corrosion inhibitors, Lubricut 5458 provides corrosion protection/anti-staining properties on aerospace and automotive aluminum alloys. It also exhibits high boundary film lubrication and film strength on machined/ground surfaces and excels at maintaining tolerances and finishes at very high speeds and feed rates higher than 10,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

Sulfonate-free, the biostable chemistry maintains pH to eliminate objectionable odors. A unique blend of synthetic esters prevents the need for chlorine. The hard-water stable fluid is also able to sustain a stable emulsion for better wetting and lubricity.

In addition, Lubricut 5458 is additive independent, which means tank-side pH buffers, emulsifiers and hazardous biocides are unnecessary.

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