Klüber Unveils Synthetic Gear Oil

Noria news wires

Klϋber Lubrication recently unveiled a new synthetic oil for rail vehicle gearboxes. Klübersynth GE 4 80W-140 is a high-performance gear oil based on polyalphaolefin (PAO) chemistry, which offers high stability and protection even under shock loads. It corresponds to the Klübersynth GE 4 75W-90, which is approved by many equipment manufacturers, but with a higher viscosity.

The new oil offers resistance to scuffing and micropitting as well as protection against wear on gear teeth and rolling bearings. The shear stability prevents the lubricant film from collapsing, which is essential to protect both gear teeth and rolling bearings.

The oil's low foaming tendency and anti-corrosion properties enable problem-free gear operation. It also offers a longer service life than conventional mineral oils due to its aging and oxidation resistance.

Approved by several gear manufacturers, including IG Watteeuw, Voith Turbo, Siemens-Flende, Stadler Rail, Bombardier, CAF and Deutsche Bahn, Klübersynth GE 4 80W-140 has a kinematic viscosity of approximately 250 square millimeters per second at 40 degrees C.

Klüber's range of high-performance gear oils can be used in spur, bevel and hypoid gears, particularly if the American Petroleum Institute (API) GL4 or GL5 specification is required.

For more information, visit www.klueber.com.

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