Spectro Scientific Releases Updated Oil Analyzers

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Spectro Scientific recently released an updated and improved version of its SpectrOil M Elemental Analyzer, the military version of the SpectrOil family of oil and fuel analysis spectrometers.

As part of the $9.6 million contract the U.S. Navy awarded Spectro in 2017, the company has enhanced its next-generation SpectrOil M to meet demanding environmental specifications, including a redesign of the analyzer’s mechanical and electrical systems. The upgraded version passed a series of military standards, such as resistance to vibration, shock, electromagnetic interference, and temperature and relative humidity extremes. A new mechanical option was also added to pass the shipboard shock specification. In addition, the Navy configuration offers a new calibration that expands the current Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) calibration to 30 elements.

A new touch panel and a Windows 10 operating system, along with an associated increase in processing power, have been incorporated to enhance ease and speed of use. A new peripheral control board is intended to simplify the sample stand’s interlock setting and stability. Software upgrades include additional security features as well as the ability to merge and export data.

As the only oil elemental analyzer approved by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the SpectrOil M utilizes the rotating disc electrode (RDE) technique to measure quantities of dissolved and suspended fine particles in natural or synthetic petroleum-based products. No sample preparation is required, and analysis takes only 30 seconds. The benchtop analyzer is also transportable and requires no special training or background to operate.

"Spectro Scientific has collaborated with the armed services for more than 30 years, working closely with the DoD and JOAP on military versions of SpectrOil technology," said Brian Mitchell, Spectro Scientific president and CEO. "This update continues that collaboration and represents the continual evolution of Spectro products that benefits all of our customers."

For more information, visit www.spectrosci.com.

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