Klüber Introduces Heat-transfer Fluids

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Klϋber Lubrication recently introduced new heat-transfer fluids for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries. Klüberfood NHT1 1-18 and 1-39 are both designed for closed heat-transfer systems.

Klüberfood NHT1 1-18 offers thermal stability and increased heat-transfer efficiency. Based on highly refined hydrocarbons, it does not contain impurities that can degrade oil or form carbon buildup on heater surfaces. The fluid's high purification level is intended to increase thermal stability and reduce fouling. It can allow users to reduce maintenance activities and extend oil change intervals.

The low base oil viscosity enables fast startups of heating systems, while the low viscosity and high density make Klüberfood NHT1 1-18 an efficient heat-transfer fluid.

Klüberfood NHT1 1-39 is formulated to provide high thermal stability, even at 590 degrees F (310 degrees C) operating temperatures. As a result, oil change intervals can be extended. The fluid's negligible vapor pressure minimizes the reaction in vented expansion tanks to reduce oxidation residue and sludge formation.

NSF HT1 registered, Klüberfood NHT1 1-18 and NHT1 1-39 are suitable for use not only in the food and pharmaceutical industries but also in a variety of other industries, such as textiles, chemicals, automotive, asphalt, cement and wood.

For more information, visit www.klueber.com.

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