Phillips 66 Upgrades PCMO Line

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Phillips 66 Lubricants recently upgraded its line of passenger car motor oil (PCMO) to address the low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) issues that engine mechanics identify as an increased risk for modern engines, including those with gasoline direct injection (GDI) and turbochargers.

"New vehicles require higher lubricant performance," said Mike Krampf, Phillips 66 Finished Lubricants manager. "Only a high-quality motor oil formulated for modern engines can help consumers fully gain from the benefits engineered into these engines, including fuel efficiency. A quality motor oil must function as a lubricant, coolant and dispersant."

More than 120 million turbocharged GDI-powered vehicles have been produced globally since 2010 and are at risk for LSPI —a condition that occurs when there is a premature ignition of the main fuel charge, resulting in high-pressure spikes, loud noise, power loss, increased fuel consumption and potentially catastrophic damage to the engine. GDI engines now make up over half of new car production.

"Our decision to upgrade our full product line reflects our commitment to engine protection and on-road safety for drivers of all vehicles," said Krampf.

The upgraded Phillips 66 Shield Motor Oil formulas, which began rolling out in March, also meet the American Petroleum Institute’s new SN Plus specification.

For more information, visit www.phillips66lubricants.com.

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