Chemetall Introduces New Metalworking Fluids

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Chemetall recently unveiled two new metalworking fluids in its Tech Cool line for metal fabricators. Tech Cool 35058 and 35037 feature enhanced hard-water tolerance and increased emulsion stability, while  the fluids’ in-service cleanliness is intended to allow for long-term system life without the formation of heavy, tacky, water-insoluble residues.

Tech Cool 35058 is a premium machining fluid developed specifically for applications requiring a micro-finish on ferrous alloys, low and high carbon steels, titanium, molybdenum and tough alloys. It is low foaming and formulated to run longer in high-velocity central systems. In addition to offering corrosion protection, the fluid incorporates a unique blend of additives to deliver extended sump life. Compatible with ferrous and aluminum alloys, Tech Cool 35058 also contains no chlorine, sulfur, boron or phosphorus compounds. It is recommended for use in most medium to heavy-duty machining and grinding applications.

Tech Cool 35037 is a general-purpose machining and grinding fluid for aluminum and copper alloys. It is also low foaming and designed to provide a superior finish for aluminum drilling and tapping applications. Along with corrosion protection, the fluid offers extended sump life and contains no sulfur compounds. Its lubricity is activated by a chlorinated extreme-pressure (EP) ingredient. Free of formaldehyde-releasing biocides, Tech Cool 35037 is recommended for use in most general-purpose machining and grinding applications.

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