Spectro Scientific Releases New Handheld Oil Analyzers

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Spectro Scientific recently released a new generation of its FluidScan mid-infrared spectrometer handheld oil analyzer. The analyzers feature upgraded digital electronics and faster embedded processors with new software and calculation algorithms to speed up the analysis process. A larger memory also allows more data and algorithm storage.

The new release includes two models: the FluidScan 1000 and 1100. The FluidScan 1000 is designed as a standalone unit for fleet operations or oil analysis labs. It is supported by Spectro's Fluid Manager software. The FluidScan 1100 is engineered to operate on a standalone basis or as part of a Spectro MiniLab configuration. It is supported by the Fluid Manager software and the newly introduced TruVu 360 Device Console (TDC) software.

The new analyzers now allow corrections to stored factory fluid data to eliminate the need to create new-user fluid entries to correlate results with those from commercial laboratories. Ergonomic improvements include a 50 percent larger and brighter LCD screen. The LED light in the sampling head also enables users to quickly check for air bubbles in an oil sample.

The new oil library has nearly 800 oils and greases of a wide range of chemistry and brands. A water index parameter helps users track dissolved water trends in used grease. The software algorithms include a fluid integrity parameter that permits users to determine if a substance with a different chemistry is mixed with the lubricant. In addition, a new biodiesel detection algorithm measures the percentage of biodiesel fluid in engine oil.

The FluidScan technology collects light transmitted through one drop of a fluid sample and registers the infrared absorption spectrum. The analyzer compares spectrum data to a built-in fluid reference library and provides rapid onsite analysis of the in-service lubricants. No special training is required, and no solvents or complicated cleanup is necessary.

"This new release represents the ongoing evolution of FluidScan analyzers and also illustrates the continual improvement of Spectro products overall, as our company constantly works to provide our customers with the most advanced, precise and convenient fluid analysis tools possible," said Brian Mitchell, Spectro Scientific president and CEO.

For more information, visit www.spectrosci.com.

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