Eurol Introduces New Spray Lube

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Eurol Specialty Lubricants recently introduced a new multi-functional spray lubricant with anti-wear properties for extreme load conditions on open bearings, threaded rods, chains and cables.

The CL-F Lube Spray is free of chloroparaffin and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and is designed to be a problem-solver that is safe to use in situations where regular lubricants aren’t enough. Along with the lubrication of machines and equipment, the spray lubricant can also be utilized as a chlorine-free metalworking fluid. It is available in a 400-milliliter spray can.

Although chloroparaffin and PTFE can accumulate in the environment, and neither is biodegradable, sprays containing these compounds are still frequently employed in the maintenance and lubrication of machines and equipment. Both release toxic vapors during use and when heated. PTFE also enters the environment as microplastics, contributing to pollution problems.

The CL-F Lube Spray joins the current range of Eurol Specialty sprays with multi-functional lubricating properties, including a number of biodegradable products suitable for use in the food industry. Each incorporates the SYNGIS technology, which is a synergetic combination of additives with synthetic base oils and thickeners formulated to provide the lowest possible friction and superior protective qualities.

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