Graco Introduces New Fluid Management System

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Graco Inc. recently launched a new wire-free system to help vehicle service operations automate and regulate fluid dispensing. The Pulse FC Fluid Control system utilizes preset meters with a maximum flow of 18 gallons per minute.

A starter kit allows users to convert the preset meters to Pulse FC and gain additional control of their fluids. The system’s software also offers simple reporting, providing analysis to make more informed decisions about scheduling, inventory, pricing and more.

“Graco has developed an innovative approach to managing every drop of fluid in a shop, and we've enhanced the experience with our new authorization cards,” said Joshua Holmstadt, Graco’s lubrication equipment division global product manager. “With the Pulse FC system, once a card is programmed with the correct fluid and amount, it can be handed to any technician to complete the dispense when needed, ensuring accuracy.”

With the introduction of the Pulse FC system, Graco has rebranded the recently launched fluid management solution, Pulse Pro. Together, these two solutions will form the company’s Pulse fluid management family.

In addition to the automobile industry, the Pulse fluid management systems can be applied to other industries including mining, fleet services, trucking, heavy construction, oil and more.

For more information, visit www.gracopulse.com.

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