Valvoline Launches Fuel-System Cleaning Products

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Valvoline recently introduced new fuel-system cleaning products to help remove deposits in gasoline engines while providing an environmentally safe option. The All Engine Clean Intake Cleaner is part of the company’s First Defense Service Kit. It is designed to remove hard-to-reach deposits in port fuel-injected engines and to attack carbon buildup in modern engines, including those with gasoline direct injection (GDI).

The professional intake cleaning process circulates a mist into the airstream to prevent puddling and diminish the toughest-to-reach engine deposits while producing low smoke and low odor. Not sourced directly from petroleum-based products and containing no known carcinogens, the intake cleaner is unique in that it is lower in toxicity for the technician, the engine and the environment.

"Much of the technology in this segment has a very toxic profile, so we developed a product that offers significant performance benefits over current technology while concentrating on formulations that are better for the environment – and safer for users and engines," said Dr. David Turcotte, Valvoline’s technical director. "With our All Engine Clean Intake Cleaner, we think we accomplished this mission."

In addition to the intake cleaner, Valvoline has launched the All Engine Clean Fuel Rail Cleaner to help remove carbon deposits that build up directly in the combustion chamber and injectors, contributing to drivability issues such as lost fuel economy or hesitation. Combining the rail cleaner with the First Defense Kit is intended to help treat these more severe buildup issues throughout the entire fuel system.

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