Ultrachem Introduces New Synthetic Flushing Fluid

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Ultrachem recently introduced a new synthetic flushing fluid designed to remove varnish and sludge from compressors used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing plants, including areas where there is the possibility of incidental contact from compressed air and/or condensate with edible products.

Omniflush FG is a food-grade system flush that can be used as an intermediary step when transitioning from standard (H-2) lubricants to food-grade (H-1) approved technologies, as well as when converting from food-grade (H-1) lubricants to advanced synthetics. The fluid can also solubilize and remove varnish and deposits to help improve system efficiency.  

The technology allows for online system cleansing with the fluid designed for use at full strength, eliminating offline cleaning that can result in downtime. Typical industrial applications include centrifugal compressors, rotary screw compressors and rotary vane compressors.

Compatible with most food-grade lubricants on the market, including white mineral oils, polyalphaolefins, polyglycols and synthetic esters, Omniflush FG is 100 percent synthetic and USDA H-1 authorized. It offers a high flash point with excellent demulsibility and incorporates additives so it can be used as a lubricant for up to 500 hours. However, the fluid does not contain any aromatic solvents or hazardous ingredients.

For more information, visit www.ultracheminc.com.

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