Shuttleworth Introduces New Lubrication Kits

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Shuttleworth recently introduced a new line of preventive maintenance kits to help conveyor systems achieve maximum life expectancy.

Each lubrication strip parts kit includes a complete mount and guard assembly with attached lubrication strip, bushings, T-bars, mounting hardware and wrench.

Lubrication strip replacement frequency can vary from six to 12 months, depending on the application’s speed and environment. Proper lubrication provides a protective barrier for chains and other components to resist corrosion while reducing noise when conveyor systems are in operation. Inadequate or irregular lubrication cycles can lead to breaks in the chain or links, resulting in frequent and costly chain replacement, early rebuilds or machine replacement.

“The importance of routine lubrication maintenance of your Shuttleworth equipment has driven us to develop the lubrication strip parts kit,” said Tim Updike, Shuttleworth’s aftermarket manager. “Keeping the most common replacement parts in your facility on hand also makes it easier to stay on top of maintenance. Implementing a routine lubrication system maintenance program will help manufacturers to ensure service issues are kept at a minimum, resulting in less downtime."

Headquartered in Huntington, Indiana, Shuttleworth provides automated conveyor systems and integrated product-handling solutions to increase line efficiency.

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