Nye Lubricants Introduces New Dielectric Grease

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Nye Lubricants recently introduced a new dielectric grease for electrical connectors and electronic circuits. Rheotemp 769G is a polyurea-thickened, medium-viscosity grease that has been fortified with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to lubricate and protect electrical contacts. The synthetic hydrocarbon lubricant also offers protection against fretting corrosion, which is caused by low-amplitude vibrations that expose metal surfaces to oxidation and can result in connectivity issues.

In addition, the grease features reduced insertion force to help ease the mating of connectors during the assembly of cars and other electronic equipment.

“Many ergonomic issues arise as production workers insert connectors on moving assembly lines,” said Nicole St. Pierre, technical development manager at Nye Lubricants. “By reducing insertion force, Rheotemp 769G will help alleviate those issues.”

With water-washout resistance and a service temperature range of 347 degrees to minus 40 degrees F, the dielectric grease can help protect electrical connectors from moisture, vibration and other corrosive environmental conditions. It also has been formulated to respond to the increased demand for advanced automotive drive-assistance systems while extending component life and improving reliability.

“With the greater electrification of vehicles, the number of terminals and connectors is growing at an ever-increasing rate,” noted Erik Reis, automotive industry leader at Nye Lubricants. “Preventing failures to these sensitive systems is necessary not only for customer safety but also to prevent expensive warranty returns and recalls.”

For more information, visit www.nyelubricants.com.

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