Zeller-Gmelin Unveils New Greases

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Zeller-Gmelin recently extended its portfolio of Divinol lubricants with additional greases in 500-gram cartridges. Each grease is formulated to ensure low-friction concentricity of rolling bearings, slide bearings, gears and other aggregates.

The screwable cartridges are designed to provide an easy opening, which is ideal when performing lubrication services outdoors, such as in the construction, agriculture and forestry industries.

“Because of the easy handling and diverse areas of application, our 500-gram cartridges are very popular in the market,” explains Christian Stapper, product manager for lubricants at Zeller-Gmelin. “That’s why we decided to extend this portfolio, in the interest of our users, to further innovative greases.”

The new lubricants include a universal lithium-based grease, an extreme-pressure (EP) grease with a broad area of application, a high-temperature grease for long-term lubrication of hubs in commercial vehicles, and a semi-synthetic grease with adhesive and water-resistant properties.

The new greases join Divinol’s other lubricants currently available on the market, including the Multi-purpose Grease 2 and Garant 2000 EP Plus high-pressure grease.

Headquartered in Germany since 1866, Zeller-Gmelin is an international manufacturer of lubricants, printing inks and industrial chemistry, with more than 900 employees worldwide.

For more information, visit www.zeller-gmelin.de.

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