TestOil Launches Waste Oil Recycling Program

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TestOil recently launched a waste oil recycling program designed to reclaim used oil to heat the company’s headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. The initiative supports the company’s objective of leading the industry in environmental stewardship.  

The new program includes an investment in a state-of-the-art waste oil furnace that will turn TestOil’s processed oil samples into heating fuel. Not only will this initiative save the company money in terms of heating costs and waste oil pickup, but it also represents a key facet of TestOil’s dedication to protecting the environment.

“Because we process so many oil samples every day, we are in a wonderful position to make a positive impact on our environment through responsible stewardship,” said Mary Messuti, TestOil’s chief operating officer. “Knowing that the EPA encourages onsite recycling, we hope other companies will follow our lead.” 

The new waste oil furnace, which is expected to recycle nearly 500 gallons of waste oil per year, features a heat exchanger and advanced burner that preheats oil to optimize combustion. The furnace will burn 1.2 gallons of waste oil per hour to heat TestOil’s warehouse and parts of the lab. When the oil is burned, it will dissipate without creating environmental pollution.

“For the last few years, we have been looking at ways to process our waste oil more efficiently and effectively,” said Lucian Szokai, TestOil’s senior instrumentation reliability engineer and radiation safety officer. “The management was very supportive of this initiative and recognized this would be a win-win all the way around.”  

For more information, visit www.testoil.com.

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