SDT Releases Updated Ultrasound Lubrication Solution

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SDT recently released an update of its LUBExpert, an ultrasound solution that is intended to help guide lubrication technicians in greasing bearings.

The latest version includes several enhancements along with embedded artificial intelligence that thinks with and for the lube tech during all steps of grease replenishment. It also employs logic to overcome the challenges that can often threaten lubrication excellence.

“Our development team remains committed to our vision to explore new ideas, improve existing ones and create new applications that solve real problems for our customers,” said André Degraeve, SDT’s managing director.

Addressing grease replenishment from a team perspective, LUBExpert is designed to manage integrated databases for grease types, physical assets, bearing types/sizes, alarms, work orders, missed tasks, field messages, outcomes, reports, etc. Current users will receive the latest updates and enhancements free of charge via email.

“Lubrication excellence is something we all strive for, but few organizations can prepare a winning strategy the whole team can execute,” noted Haris Trobradovič, SDT’s field support manager. “LUBExpert Generation 3 interweaves elements of discipline and control that hold all stakeholders accountable. With LUBExpert, you really feel the pulse of your machine.”

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