Amsoil Partners with Banks Power

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Amsoil recently announced a strategic partnership with Banks Power that will make Amsoil the lubricant of choice for all Banks applications, including the new Ram-Air differential cover.

Banks Power will offer its new differential cover bundled with Amsoil Severe Gear Synthetic Gear Lube easy-packs as a first-fill lubricant. Launched in August 2018, the easy-packs have won several awards for their unique design.

“Amsoil and Banks are committed to discovering how to increase performance at the intersection of innovative component design and unmatched lubrication technology – to find what’s next,” said Dan Peterson, Amsoil senior vice president of sales and marketing. “We are really excited about the possibilities.”

An engineering firm and manufacturer of power-enhancing products for gas- and diesel-powered vehicles, Banks Power is known in the automotive enthusiast community for its technological achievements and data-driven development.

“Through the decades, the Banks team has opened new markets in marine engines, turbocharging, pickup truck and motorhome power systems, turbocharged tuner cars, diesel power systems, electronic tuners and exhaust brakes,” said Gale Banks, Banks Power president and founder. “Plus, I’m proud to have worked for many major car and engine manufacturers in defining their future products.”

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