Graco Introduces New Automatic Lubrication Pump

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Graco recently launched a new automatic lubrication pump to simplify everyday maintenance, extend equipment life cycles and optimize machine uptime.

The compact G-Mini pump is engineered to help users make the most of their space, budget and machines. Its small footprint can fit various types of machines in numerous applications, including off-road equipment, wind turbines, in-plant equipment, on-road vehicles and more.

Built to withstand the harshest environments and rigors of the toughest jobs, the G-Mini is also Graco’s first lubrication pump with an optional built-in heater which automatically turns on at low temperatures, allowing it to pump NLGI #2 grease in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees F (minus 40 degrees C).

“The G-Mini pump is designed to perform and built to last,” said Andrew Gerlach, Graco’s Lubrication Equipment Division product marketing manager. “This robust pump complements the established G1 and G3 Series lubrication pumps, and is offered with an optional built-in, easy-to-program digital controller.”

All models of the G-Mini pump also come standard with low-level notification to aid operators in maintaining sufficient grease in the reservoir at all times.

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