Fluoramics Unveils New Synthetic Lubricants to Prevent Corrosion

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Fluoramics recently introduced new synthetic lubricants to help prevent rust and corrosion on metal parts. The new products include an anti-seize lubricant, a corrosion penetrant, and a chain and wire lubricant.

The Assembly Anti-Seize Lubricant/Corrosion Stopper is formulated to form a thin, bonding film to lubricate, prevent corrosion and provide protection against galling. It is intended for use on assembly surfaces and is available as an aerosol, in a quart jug or 8-ounce jar.

The Chain, Wire & Cable Synthetic Lubricant can be used to lubricate and prevent rust on steel cables, hinges, garage door components, drive chains, pulleys, winches and more. It is designed to soak deep into crevasses and is also available as an aerosol, in a quart jug or 8-ounce jar.

The Bust That Rust! Synthetic Corrosion Penetrant incorporates a penetrating foaming action to break through rust. The non-evaporating penetrant can be utilized on nuts and bolts, shafts, padlocks, and other rusted metal parts. It is available only as an aerosol.

Fluoramics also announced that its HinderRUST S4.0 will now be available in a 12-milliter pocket oiler. The new oiler features a needle-like application tip for precise application. It comes with a removable pocket clip to keep it secure in your pocket while on the job, in the shop or performing everyday maintenance. The pocket oiler is ideal for precision bearings, door locks and hinges, small motors, power tools, window hardware, and pivot points.

For more information, visit www.fluoramics.com.

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