Whitepaper: Building Your Ultrasound Toolbox for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Whitepaper: Building Your Ultrasound Toolbox for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry is known for having the highest cost of downtime among all industries with a single hour of downtime potentially costing millions of dollars in lost productivity and quality issues. From a survey in Pharma Manufacturing, 60% of pharmaceutical manufacturing downtime is caused by equipment failure. For the industry to meet increasing demand and maintain global supply chain needs, plants must shift from a reactive maintenance state to a preventive maintenance state.

The adoption of modern technologies, such as ultrasound monitoring, has facilitated this shift, leading to less downtime and tremendous cost savings. Ultrasound technology provides direct feedback to the technician, or “listener,” through automated systems and probes. To adopt this technology, it is as simple as just point and listen to know how every bearing, valve and asset is running. Ultrasound technology stops problems before they stop production.

Topics Covered

  • Challenges in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • How Ultrasound Works
  • Equipment Condition Monitoring Made Easy with Ultrasound
  • Applications with Ultrasound
  • Remote Bearing Monitoring and Lubrication
  • Steam Trap Inspection
  • Leak Detectability

Thank you to UE Systems for sponsoring this educational whitepaper, presented by Noria Corporation. Visit their website to learn more about the OnTrak SmartLube system.

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