Practical Pointers

Ziplock Bags to the Rescue
After setting stringent target cleanliness levels for our equipment, we began experiencing problems with repeating and maintaining the levels. Our environment, needless to say, is extremely dusty and dirty. After numerous attempts to eliminate variables including changing procedure, type of bottles used and filtering, we developed this solution: seal the vacuum pump and both the line flush and final sample bottles in a 2 ml-thick ziplock bag leaving only the sample tubing with sample port quick-connect exposed. Removing the lid and bottle from the pump can be tricky, but after a few tries, it becomes easier. The ziplock bag makes it easier to remove the bottle from the pump and to replace the caps after filling. I also tried a 4 ml bag, but it was too stiff.

David Peraza, Cargill Salt



Water Concentration

I would like to have a water contaminated oil picture index. This would be for visual tests comparing only the color of the sample to index pictures to obtain an approximate level of contamination.
Do you have any suggestions?

Hamid Sanjabi,
Alfa Laval Iran Ltd.

A Determining the water concentration by color of the oil is seldom used. The color of used oil is influenced by many factors (such as oxidation, thermal degradation, water concentration, soot, etc.).

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