Check Out a Military Lubrication and Service Trailer

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

The creator of this video shows off his new toy - a 5,500-pound trailer that can grease and provide two other lubricants (90 weight gear oil and 15W40 Rotella motor oil) for his two military trucks. The particular unit used to belong to the U.S. Marine Corps and was turned in when it reached its maximum service life. He bought it from a GSA auction and had to retrieve it from the GSA yard in Columbia, S.C., 459 miles from where he lives in Melbourne, Fla. There were several different manufacturers of these trailers; this is an LST-178A-85 unit.

Says the video creator: "What I am showing in this video is the early stages of troubleshooting and prepping the systems for use on my military trucks. Presently, I am using my shop compressor inside of my garage to power this trailer until I can start the four banger air-cooled gas motor that runs the large compressor inside the trailer. I have to obtain a new air filter for the motor and still need two batteries to power the starting system which is 24 volts. Eventually I will install a NATO single pin plug so that I can jump start the unit if the batteries are dead or missing. I made a 'lead-in' air hose from one that I bought at Harbor Freight Tools and added two male ends to the hose - one hooks up to the hose from my shop compressor and the other to the quick disconnect that I installed in-line with the storage tank inside the lube trailer. The individual shut-off valves that I installed will allow me to shut off the air to each of the three lubrication pumps so that I will only run air only to the one or ones that I am using. I tested my modifications and they work perfectly. Once I find a source for the GAA grease that I will need for my military trucks I will be in business."

Access this 3-minute, 7-second video by clicking on the link below.

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